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How To Reset Mi Robot Vacuum

How To Reset Mi Robot Vacuum


If you have a Mi Robot vacuum, you are aware of how practical it is to have this smart appliance clean your floors. However, occasionally things don’t go as planned, and your Mi Robot might experience problems like error codes or getting stuck while cleaning. Resetting your Mi Robot is the best option in these circumstances. Using our LSI keywords, such as Mi Smart Robot Reset, Vacuum Reset, and Mi Robot Troubleshooting, we will give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to reset the mi robot vacuum and troubleshoot any potential errors in this article.

Rebooting the Device:.The first thing you should do is restart your robot if you run into any problems or if it gets stuck while it’s cleaning. To do this, hold down the power button for five seconds or until the robot completely shuts down. The majority of connectivity and software-related problems can be solved using this technique.

Your vacuum should be reset.Resetting your robot might be able to help resolve some difficult technical issues that call for more than just starting over, in the event that restarting your device doesn’t fix the issue at hand with error codes from M1 to M8 that can be found in their official website FAQ section. Visit their helpful thread about all of them on . to perform a factory reset on a variety of Xiaomi products, including its well-known robots.

Troubleshooting for the Mi App:.

Other than resetting and restarting, there are a variety of ways to keep this device optimized, such as checking for routine application updates via Playstore/Appstore(TM). Here are some helpful hints for troubleshooting additional app-related issues: fully charging beforehand (to avoid reboots caused by lost battery), and checking network connections (that seem stable close to the router). When using different electronics, these “unseen” factors are important.

In conclusion, not everything needs professional fixing when it comes to robotic pet cleaners like units (such variety but unmentioned here — here are the best-robot-vacuum-for-dog-hair and tile floor cleaner robot) or multi-surface vacuum cleaners (best for both rugs and hardwood). The aforementioned tips will usually work well enough even when faced with unexpected obstacle based scenarios (probably due to manual left around).

About the Mi Robot Vacuum

You might need to restore your Mi Robot Vacuum to factory settings if you are experiencing issues with it. This may be required for a number of reasons, including issues with the cleaner’s home button or Wi-Fi connectivity. Whatever the cause, resetting your vacuum will help you clean your floors faster and more effectively.

Follow these easy steps to return the Mi Robot Vacuum to factory settings.

  1. Before continuing, make sure your vacuum is turned on.
  2. Next, press and hold down the “Home” and “WiFi/mop” buttons on top of your device simultaneously.
  3. Release both buttons at once after holding them down together for 5 to 10 seconds until their indicators flash red lights three times quickly (3 flashes in one second).
  4. The moment buttons are released, the device will automatically restart.

You’ve now successfully restored the mi robot vacuum’s factory settings, and it happened in an instant!

If there are any issues with cleaning effectiveness when carrying out regular operations without a hitch, knowing how to properly clean it using mi mop technology may also be helpful.

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Reasons to Reset the Mi Robot Vacuum

It might be time to restore your mi vacuum to factory settings if it’s malfunctioning or performing poorly. Furthermore, resetting may be helpful if you need to connect your vacuum cleaner to the Wi-Fi network but have forgotten your password.

Issues involving poor performance or malfunction.

A mi vacuum may have performance issues for a number of reasons. The gadget occasionally becomes immobile and won’t move as it should. Other times, a vacuum gradually loses suction power.

If there are any clogs in the dustbin or dirty brushes, you might want to clean them before setting your Mi robot vacuum’s factory settings. If this doesn’t fix the issue, a complete reset might be required.

Password for Wi-Fi Connection Forgotten.

When you reset your Mi Robot cleaner, you can add new wifi credentials by pressing the home button if you’ve forgotten your Wi-Fi connection password but still want to use app-based controls to schedule cleaning sessions on your smartphone. towards the device.

You can easily restore optimal performance from what is otherwise a great tool for keeping homes clean without breaking a sweat searching each appliance’s interface every time by carefully following these instructions, which include pressing the “reset” and “home” buttons simultaneously.

when trying to find a cheap self-cleaning machine an upright vacuum consider checking determining the ideal vacuuming frequency for a robot Along with basic safety measures like regularly emptying trash cans to ensure smooth operation of machines every time they turn on, we can reduce our manual labor of physically demanding housekeeping chores.

How To Reset Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop in 30 Seconds

If you’re having trouble with your Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop, resetting it might be the solution. Here are a few different methods you can try:

By Pressing Home Button

Resetting your vacuum is made simple by holding down the home button for five seconds. This will result in the device’s top light blinking blue and amber. Release the button after observing this, and then press it for an additional five seconds until you hear a sound indicating that the device has successfully reset.

By Pressing The Reset Button On The Rear Panel

A pin or needle can also be used to depress the tiny reset button on your vacuum cleaner’s back panel, which is another way to reset it. When you notice its LED indicator light blinking quickly, hold it down for a few seconds.

Using The App Integration Method

Fans of automation might prefer to reset their Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop using an app. Open the “Mi Home” app, select “Devices,” choose your robot from the list of available devices, click the settings icon (top right corner), select general settings (the bottom option), scroll to the bottom, and select RESET MI ROBOT.

Google Home Assistant Integration Method

Simply follow the simple steps found here to reset your Google Assistant-enabled smart home a single cleaner

Alexa Integration Method

Users following Alexa integration method follow same process but instead say “Alexa ask mi robot vacuums to do self cleaning…”

RESET Button For Essential Models Located Under Lid Of Dustbin

A paperclip or other similar object should be used to carefully poke underneath the dustbin container for around 10 seconds so that the starting procedure could be confirmed with a beep sound in essential models, which have hidden hardware components.

Wait for the top light to start blinking blue and amber after using any of the aforementioned techniques. This will show that it is prepared for a restart.

Verify That The Light Is Flashing Blue And Amber Before Restarting

Before restarting your Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop, make sure the light is flashing blue and amber to confirm that it has been reset. If after resetting your vacuum cleaner you still don’t see this happening, repeat the process.

Full Factory Reset Of Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

During a full factory reset, the BACK and SPOT buttons must be depressed simultaneously for 30 seconds while you wait for the red LEDs to flash to indicate that the device has been successfully cleared.

How To Reset MI Robot Vacuum WiFi Connection

Follow these easy steps if your Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner is having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi.

  1. Click “+ Add Device” on the screen when it is down.
  2. If necessary (for new devices), replace the batteries. If redirected, turn on JavaScript and enable cookies. 3 Use the app’s QR code scanner to connect to a hidden wifi network address. 4 Connect your device to WiFi using the given safety code.

These various techniques for resetting your Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop are made to accommodate people with various levels of technical know-how. Users can rest easy knowing that by carefully following these instructions, their robotic vacuum cleaners will quickly regain functionality!

Why is “Failed to send message” displayed on Mi Robot Vacuums?

If you own a Mi Robot Vacuum, you may have seen the error message “Failed to send message. This might be annoying, especially if it causes the vacuum to stop working. How can this error be fixed? What does it mean?

Usually, a communication issue between the vacuum and its companion app results in the “Failed to send message” error. A bad Wi-Fi connection or an out-of-date app or firmware version are just two potential causes for this.

Check to see if your phone and vacuum are both connected to a strong Wi-Fi signal before moving on to troubleshooting this problem. Check for any app and firmware updates that may be available. If your robot vacuum’s software is up to date and you’re still having problems, try resetting it by pressing and holding the Power button until it restarts.

For additional help in resolving this problem if none of these fixes work, get in touch with customer service.

while seeing “Failed to send message” on your Mi Robot Vacuum may cause frustration during times of cleaning, fear not with simple troubleshooting measures- You will get your sparkling clean floors back in no time!

How to connect Xiaomi vacuum to WiFi network?

One of the first tasks you’ll have to complete after buying a Xiaomi vacuum is joining your home’s WiFi network. This will make it simple for you to control and keep an eye on the device from your phone or other devices linked to the same network. Here are some easy actions that can be helpful:

  1. Make sure your Xiaomi vacuum and smartphone or tablet are both connected to the same WiFi network before continuing.
  2. On your smart device, launch the Mi Home app, and then click “Add Device.”.
  3. From the list of available devices, select “Vacuum Cleaner.”.
  4. The application will now walk you through the initial setup process, during which it may inquire about details like the size of your room or the type of flooring.
  5. Follow all instructions up until the point where user input is required for configuration; at that point, enter your primary Wi-Fi information (SSID-Name) and password.
  6. Click OK, and then click Return.
  7. If proper credentials were entered into the Mi Home application during this initial setup, the robot should now be able to communicate with the wireless access point at home.

You won’t have any trouble connecting your brand-new Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to any Wi-Fi enabled routers by following these easy steps, allowing you to begin wireless communication right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Mi Robot vacuum not working?

If you’re having issues with your Xiaomi vacuum not performing as it should, don’t worry! A simple reset may be all that’s needed to get it back on track. Firstly, confirm that the vacuum is placed in its charging dock and then hold down the plug button whilst pressing the WiFi-reset button until a reset notification is heard. This should hopefully resolve any problems you were experiencing and have your floors looking clean once again!

Why is my Xiaomi robot vacuum offline?

If you’re experiencing your Xiaomi robot vacuum showing as offline, it could simply mean that the battery is empty. To resolve the issue, ensure that you charge the robot using its power button and confirm its battery status once it’s done charging. With a charged battery, your vacuum robot should be back online in no time!

Why is the red light blinking on my Mi robot vacuum?

If the red light on your Mi robot vacuum is slowly blinking, it means that the battery is low and needs to be charged before you can use it again. However, if the red light is quickly blinking, there could be two possible issues. Firstly, it could be due to battery charging protection which requires you to unplug the supply for one minute and then plug it in again to charge. Secondly, this could indicate a hardware error status that may require professional help from after-sales service.


Resetting your xiaomi robot vacuum is a quick and easy process. whether you need to perform a hard reset, reset the battery, or fix error codes that prevent it from turning on or connecting to wifi networks – there are several options available. by following the steps outlined above and consulting the user manual or online resources for additional guidance, you can get your mi smart robot up and running in no time. so don’t let pesky issues like wonky connections or dead batteries keep you from enjoying the convenience of a clean home – try resetting your vacuum today!